I began scuba diving at 14 years old and ever since that first venture beneath the waves, visiting the underwater world has become my life's passion. During my adventures around the globe, I never cease to be inspired by the sheer beauty, wonder and diversity of marine life out there. I just can't get enough of this amazing place.

Having spent so much time underwater, I've also unfortunately witnessed first-hand the degradation occurring throughout the oceans. A key moment of this realisation was seeing the rapid decline of blue sharks in the Azores, over the course of just a few years. Having fallen in love with these majestic creatures through my work as a dive guide, it broke my heart to see them disappear. Already active as an environmentalist, this was the catalyst I needed to take the next step. Realising the importance of promoting the protection of such unique and fragile ecosystems, my path naturally brought me to the field of marine conversation and education. Relying upon a scientific background and the art of underwater photography, I now endeavour to tell the stories which need to be told, whilst collaborating with various conservation projects worldwide. Whether monitoring sea turtles in Costa Rica, tracking manta rays in the Maldives, or rearing orphaned manatee calves in Belize, I try to use my photos to reach out to the public about the issue at hand.

I'm so lucky to travel to such incredible places around the world for my work, meet some of the most passionate people imaginable and spread my love for this incredible planet. In return, I hope this site can be a place where my photos are enjoyed, the ocean's natural beauties are discovered and where the sparks of conservation are ignited.